The Dr. Michael DeBakey
Operating Room

Miniaturized By
Dr. Jerry P. Galloway
No "Kit" Involved 
Sorry, Pictures taken with very poor camera.

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Left Side is the Model
- Whole model is approx. 15 x 20 inches rectangle.
Right Side are Actual Operating Room Photos Corresponding to the Model
Compare Model on Left
With Photos on Right
M1.  Shows right wall (upper right) with door, tall machine and cabinets.  Upper center shows "heart pump" behind operating table. Note:  Model depicts actual operation in action with surgeon, nurses and anathesiologist.  Some views are obstructed by overhead light units inside clear model cover. A1.  Shows right wall (facing straight at it) with door, tall machine (on right) and cabinets (left).  Note the "heart pump" machine pushed against cabinet wall (middle left).
M2 - a & b.   Shows the rear wall with double doors on left, dual clocks above doors, x-ray viewing panels and another door on right. A2.  Shows rear wall with double doors, dual clocks above, x-ray viewing panels (center) and door on right.
M3 - a & b.   Shows left wall with small sink area (left) and cabinets across the wall.  Note the other tall machine behind the operating table.  The anasthesiologist station is in the foreground (left edge). A3.  Shows left wall with cabinets.  Sink area is hidden behind tall machine behind the operating table. NOTE the materials & equip. on shelves also found on model.
M4.  Shows front wall (and angled corner).  This is the best view of the "heart pump" machine in action on the lower left.  Also note the left door and tall machines (left and right) mentioned in above photos (M1 & M3). Note:  The room is rectangle with one corner angled.  That corner window faces other operating rooms and a common control center.  Those areas outside the window were not included in the model. A4.  Shows front wall and angled corner window.  Note the tall machine again on the left side.
M5.  Shows operation closeup.  Note the anasthesiologist station upper right.right.  A highly detailed staion not shown well in this view. A5 - a & b.  Shows the real anasthesiologist station (left) with closeup (right).  Every detail including knobs on equipment were replicated in the model.  The hoses in right view lead to oxygen mask for patient - also built in to the model.