Model House
Designed & Built By
Dr. Jerry P. Galloway

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The complete model is square about 30 inches per side.  This tour begins in front and proceeds counter-clockwise around the house to the right.  Each area includes different angles and closeups.
Front - Wooden table and frame. Front - Red brick front and white columns. Front - Simulated grass and bushes. Front - Two yard lights actually worked. Front - Low view from grass level.
Right Side - Large tree in right front yard. Right Side - High view shows driveway. Right Side - Low view from front corner. Right Side - Driveway.  Note the basketball goal on garage.  Rim and net approx. 1/4 inch square. Right Side - Shows top of "shed" ... holds the battery for lighting the model.
Rear - High view.  Shows lower and upper decks and pool. Rear - Upper deck includes brick grill.  Lower deck with chairs. Rear - Pool shows diving board.  Patio tables have umbrellas. Rear - Ground level view of lower deck.  Sliding doors in center. Rear - View from the pool showing stairs to upper deck.
The views at the right are inside.  The roof was designed to lift off.  The entire upstairs would lift off to reveal the first floor too.
Left Side - Large view. Left Side - Closeup along fence to other stairway to upper deck. Inside - Shows rooms on the upper floor. Inside - Shows first floor after entire upper deck removed.